Our team has in-depth knowledge of the particularities of these sectors, with the ultimate goal of adding value to our Clients.



In the recent past, the agri-food sector has seen a remarkable evolution, having sought to adapt its products to the current preferences of consumers, to the extent it seeks to achieve healthier processing methodologies and the incorporation of innovative characteristics, with the objective of achieving an increasingly competitive output.

The agri-food sector presents significant sub-sector and business dispersion and fragmentation, with a strong expression in the national and world economy.

AccruePartners has a multidisciplinary Team with high technical expertise and knowledge of the specific needs of the agri-food market, currently working with relevant players in the national and international agri-food market. We seek to provide a service aligned with the business strategy and needs of our Clients, in order to promote significant improvements in the results and positioning of the companies present in this specific market.

Metallurgy and Metal-mechanical working

The metallurgical and metal-mechanical sector can be subdivided into two distinct types of industries:

  • Basic industries, which are mainly engaged in the casting of various types of metals, some of which may incorporate metal-mechanical operations in their manufacturing process; and

  • Remaining industries, which are mainly engaged in the transformation and manufacture of metal products and machinery, integrating, for this purpose, several metal-mechanical operations.

It is therefore a very heterogeneous sector, involving a great diversity of industrial activities and products. Given its intrinsic characteristics, the metallurgical and metal-mechanical sector plays a central role in the economic development of a country, above all because of the high degree of innovation that it continually introduces into the economy.

AccruePartners integrates a Team of professionals with a high level of knowledge to provide consulting services to companies within this sector, and has extensive accumulated experience as a result of work done for large players in same. We provide added value services geared to the needs of our Clients, in order to promote the alignment of tax optimization and management strategies, given the specificities of the metallurgical and metal-mechanical sector.

Construction and Real Estate

In recent years, the construction and real estate sector has revealed enormous difficulties, both financially and productively, as well as in terms of human resources.

Today, the operators of this market live in a climate of both strong expectation and uncertainty, in the incessant search for sure signs that a reversal of the economic cycle has begun.

The professionals who integrate AccruePartners have a deep knowledge of the specificities faced by the players of this sector. We have the capacity and expertise to develop a range of services oriented towards the success of our Clients, taking into account the economic and regulatory context that characterizes this market.


Over the last decades, a clear transformation of the automotive sector in the national territory has been verified, from a low-skilled, dispersed and underdeveloped technological sector to an industry strongly characterized by its high level of technological modernization and competitiveness.

Currently, the automotive sector is faced with multiple challenges and opportunities, involving the value chain as a whole (i.e., from the production of automotive components to automotive repairs). Therefore, it is imperative to implement structured management and business strategies, strongly focused on the pursuit of sustained growth.

AccruePartners has a wide experience in providing consulting services to the main players in the automotive sector, having a Team with a high level of technical knowledge to develop appropriate solutions for our Clients, in the widest range of technical areas.


The health sector is one of the largest activity sectors of an economy, as well as one that has seen the fastest evolution in recent years, not only at the national level, but worldwide. OECD Member States, including the US and European countries, spend on average approximately 10% of their Gross Domestic Product on the health sector each year.

At present, the economic agents of the health sector face enormous challenges at the level of the definition of their business models, seeking to reposition their growth strategies through the adoption of new key drivers.

AccruePartners’ Team of professionals recognize the support and consulting needs of the players present in the health sector, and possess a vast accumulated experience of work carried out for our Clients in this sector. In this context, we provide a diversity of services in the scope of taxation and management, guided by the business strategies of our Clients, with the objective of providing an efficient and objective response to the challenges emerging.

Renewable energies

There is a growing need for societies to resort to alternative and inexhaustible energy sources, both due to the energy crises that have been recorded over time and to the economic, social and environmental problems caused by fossil fuels.

One of the solutions to this problem has been the exploration and use of inexhaustible energy sources derived from the environment, called renewable energies. In fact, this is one of the main alternatives to meet the current energy consumption demands, using clean and renewable energy, allowing for the reduction of the environmental impacts associated with consumption. Portugal, due to its geographical location, is one of the countries with great potential to take advantage of these alternative energies.

AccruePartners is particularly attentive to the evolution of the renewable energies sector, having a technical Team with a strong knowledge of the needs and characteristics of this market. The vast work experience in this sector allows us to present high added value perspectives and solutions for the businesses of our Clients.

Oil, Gas & Mining

The Oil, Gas & Mining sector is presently one of the fundamental pillars of modern economies, although it is constantly challenged to adjust itself to the new realities and dynamics of contemporary societies, both in terms of productive performance and issues associated with pricing, as well as in terms of managing natural resource levels, environmental concerns and continuously emerging regulations.

AccruePartners’ Team of professionals has specialized and multidisciplinary skills that allow it to provide excellent services in the ​​tax and management advice area, able to meet the specific needs and interests of the Oil, Gas & Mining sector.

Extensive knowledge of the strong regulatory framework, pricing policies, competitive conditions and other issues strictly related to the operation of the Oil, Gas & Mining market enables AccruePartners to be the ideal partner for the development of work in the tax and management field for our Clients operating in this sector.


In today's global economy, the manufacturing industry is being challenged on a daily basis to develop new business strategies and market approaches as well as innovative products in order to meet the new needs and demands of today's society.

AccruePartners has been collaborating with several players in the manufacturing industry, placing at the disposal of our Clients a Team of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the sector. We provide adequate advice geared to the specific needs of the operators in this market.


The logistics sector has become increasingly popular as industries have faced the need (and advantages) of outsourcing the management of the entire logistics process to a single entity to ensure a greater visibility and optimization of the supply chain. Transportation is usually the logistics activity that firms most subcontract or plan to subcontract, serving as the starting point for the outsourcing of other related activities. In fact, the logistics market covers the management of all the flows of goods, from their origin to their final destination, in order to respond to the demands and needs of Clients.

AccruePartners has a Team of professionals with significant knowledge and proven experience, focused on providing tax and management services with high added value to our Clients in this sector. We seek to align the business strategies of our Clients with the characteristics of the logistics activities, with the ultimate goal of instilling significant improvements in their results.